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Get To Know The Face(s) of Linguistix

English / Spanish / Portuguese / Hebrew Pronunciation

A new era of Linguistix has arrived! New logos and new colors! Allow me to explain...

For 2 years, I've been working with some amazing individuals and small groups who were determined to improve their speaking skills in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hebrew.

The main goal has always been to provide 100% feedback for fluent speakers who have reached a point where they can't advance on their own, but there's always been a problem...

I've been working with pronunciation in FOUR different languages and trying to build a base of followers and there wasn't a great way to show the English students only English videos. I ended up sending the English students Portuguese material and Hebrew students Spanish material, etc. And I just wanted to make things a little easier and more organized for you.

So, I finally found an incredibly talented designer and artist to create these fellas to simplify all future materials (videos, written guides, pics, memes, etc) so you know what language to expect.

Along with the colors, which each represent a language you'll see the word underneath Linguistix, which is the word for pronunciation in that language, the one exception being Mivtaim, which means accents in Hebrew.

Here's the key, if you were unsure:





So look out for these icons in future posts and you'll immediately know which ones to focus on and which ones to share with all your multi-lingual friends!

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