Lingüistix offers you a new approach to develop more natural pronunciation in American English. We simplify the process for you by identifying key differences between the sounds of English and your native language, and we focus our attention on the areas with the biggest effect on your overall accent.

Whether you're a student or teacher, actor or singer, CEO or preparing for a big job interview, we can create an affordable, personalized course to enhance your English pronunciation. We do this through private, one-on-one coaching, small group workshops, online webinars, and of course our free video lessons!

Your English level doesn't matter. In the end, you'll come away with extreme confidence and a natural accent that lets you communicate effectively in any setting. No more having to repeat yourself or people asking where you're from. Create a new identity and show the world how well you speak this language!


Listen to a couple clients explain what the experience was like for them! 


Though your background with English will undoubtedly be different from others, the process of improving the quality of your accent is sure to be an interesting change and a fun opportunity to gain a new perspective!



One thing that sets Lingüistix apart from any other pronunciation coaching service is language-specific content. I use your language to make relationships with English, which makes everything more efficient and extra effective.

I've simplified the most complex English sounds into a comprehensive series of short videos.

Check out some of the most popular ones here!

I'm continuously adding more content and I plan to include more languages in the future. Please bear with me in the meantime! 


I recently teamed up with an effective, comprehensive English language learning platform, Apto Global.
Apto offers an incredible online immersion program that utilizes first-person video-based learning scenarios featuring native conversations, and it puts you right there in the environment to better prepare yourself for a natural exchange, no matter where you live in the English speaking world. 
Since I focus mainly on pronunciation and not the English language itself, I highly recommend that you check out Apto's program and see if it works for you and your family!
You'll even see a familiar face in a few videos to help with your pronunciation along the way. You can count on Professor Ruben to be there to help with the most difficult sounds!


Ready to take your English to the next level?
Let me help you get things going with some personalized feedback and a structured plan for the first few weeks. After we talk about your personal goals with English, I'll give you a short initial assessment, which analyzes just about everything from the pronunciation of tricky sounds to rhythm, stress, and even intonation patterns!
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