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How to Pronounce 'Bar' in Spanish

How to Pronounce Bar in Spanish

In this video, I walk you through a suuuper simple technique for pronouncing the word BAR in Spanish - and this includes any words that contain those three letters.

Just click on the picture above or scroll down to the bottom to learn this new technique!

We're on location this week in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, so I thought it would be most appropriate to pass along this quick and easy tip to help you improve your Spanish pronunciation.

BUT this technique is not just to help you with one (or a few) words! It's also a representation of how Linguistix Pronunciation makes connections from English to Spanish to make learning to speak this foreign language a lot more accessible, especially for those who have a hard time hearing the subtle differences between pronunciations.

My whole philosophy is that you can learn to pronounce a foreign language by using as many similarities as possible from your native language. The trick is to realize how much you already have at your disposal!

But don't worry, I do all the dirty work for you and simplify the process in these short videos.

What comes out of it is natural, native-like pronunciation (and we do this in 5 different languages) so that your practice becomes more efficient and a lot more effective. This video, for example, takes a simple word BAR and connects it with the English word BOD (short for body) and voilà! Magic!

No, but seriously, it is an extremely accurate representation for the pronunciation of that word in Spanish!

These associations are not random, by the way. And unfortunately they cannot be used with every Spanish word. That's why we need to understand the associations beyond the one-word tricks. The D in English in many cases sounds like a single R in Spanish and can really help your clarity when speaking with other natives.

On top of clear speech, you'll come away with a ton more confidence and you'll make the right first impression with this new and improved accent of yours!

Pronunciation for me is the best way to show off your overall level in any language, but in particular for Spanish, it clearly separates the way people think about you and respond to you, since there are so many gringos floating around the world just saying BAR all the time.

But it's cool, they just haven't stumbled upon this video yet! But they will, because you will likely share this with them... and I thank you for it!

So, keep watching more of these videos!

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Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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