Linguistix Pronúncia offers you a new approach to develop more natural, native-like pronunciation in Brazilian Portuguese. We simplify the process by identifying key differences between the sounds of English and Portuguese, and we focus primarily on the areas with the biggest effect on your overall accent. No more miscommunication!

Though there are quite a few variations that you might find throughout the country, the idea is to acquire the skills to imitate any accent including your most specific regional preference​. Whether you're studying abroad, living the ex-pat life, or you're a performer in need of Portuguese accent training, we can create an affordable, personalized course to enhance your pronunciation and help you to make the right impression on others.

We do this through private, one-on-one coaching, small group workshops, live online webinars, and of course free video lessons!

Your Portuguese level doesn't matter. In the end, you'll come away with more confidence and a natural accent that lets you communicate effectively in any setting. No more repeating yourself, switching to English, or people constantly asking where you're from. Let's show the world how well you speak this language!


I've simplified the most complex sounds for you in a comprehensive series of short videos. The techniques are completely original, and we are continuously adding more content.


Check out some of the most popular ones here!


Ready to take your Portuguese to the next level?
Let me help you get things going with some personalized feedback and a structured plan for the first few weeks. After we talk about your personal goals with Portuguese, I'll give you a short initial assessment, which analyzes just about everything from the pronunciation of tricky sounds to rhythm, stress, and even intonation patterns!
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