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I'm continually developing new techniques to simplify and relate the process of speaking a foreign language and imitating foreign accents for anyone looking to build more confidence.

For years, my passion has been to learn as many languages as possible with native-like pronunciation, through imitation of native speakers and indulgence in the new sound system. What arose from that passion came the creation of a framework and a series of strategies that shorten your learning curve and get you speaking clearly and confidently in any language. 

I focus most of my efforts on perfecting pronunciation and appropriate word choice since the way you speak generates an identity that represents  your overall language ability. Quite often, the first words you utter create the only first impression you'll ever give off, and paying close attention to our accent can set the tone of any relationship. Plus, we can finally get some much-deserved credit for our years of hard work and dedication!

Whether you're a student or teacher, actor or singer, CEO or still looking for your dream job, it's my pleasure to share my own innovative tricks in free videos and point your attention to important language patterns in our group workshops. But you'll get the most consistent feedback and unbeLIEVably personalized attention with a private coach. 

I'm positive you'll come away with a completely new outlook on speaking a language.

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