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English Pronunciation Master Class

Nashville, TN

Breaking down some barriers in this live event! Come and have a drink with some friends and fellow language learners and practice your most informal use of slang and even some common idioms! What's the difference between slang and idioms? We'll categorize everything for you in the first 10 mins and I invite you to bring any questions or examples you may have been struggling with or you don't quite understand.



Mastering English Speaking Techniques

Nashville, TN

In this closed group workshop, pronunciation specialist Ruben will begin with a brief analysis of each participant's use of spoken English and develop techniques for modifying speech patterns easily on your own!



Take Your English to the Next Level

Nashville, TN

We all know what it's like to be misunderstood in a foreign language. Let's get a little closer to natural English and see what we can learn about the pronunciation that will change the way you speak forever. Build confidence and make the right first impression!

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